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The Main Wine Tour season begins

1st April  &  Continues until 31st October .

The admin office for bookings & enquiries is open all year

Some visits are available out of our main tour season 1st November - 31 March

Contact us with your request

Subject to availability we shall be happy to arrange tours out of season to suit your travel arrangements. However, please note we do not conduct our private tours on Sundays out of season. It is worth noting fewer venue options are available on Saturdays November to April.

Most venues close between December 24 and 3 or 4 January. Some have annual closure until Spring.

To view the vines in leaf best to come from late April onwards, to see the vineyards laden with grapes plan a July-September visit. Harvest time is September or October.  Distillation for Cognac takes place between November and 31st March.

Out of season tours are subject to weather / road driving conditions

2018 National Holiday Dates in France

1 JANUARY New Year's Day  Jour de l'an

1 APRIL, 2 APRIL Easter Sunday & Monday Paques

 1 MAY Labour Day  Fête du travail 

8 May V E Day Victoire 1945

10 MAY Thursday Ascension Day

20/21 MAY Pentecost Pentecote

14 JULY Bastille Day  Fête National

 15 AUGUST  Assumption Day  Assomption

1 NOVEMBER All Saints Day November Toussaint

11 NOVEMBER Armistice  Armistice 1918

25 DECEMBER Christmas Day  Noël

24th December most businesses will close early

Some venues are only open Monday to Friday out of main tour season

It is also common in France to take an extra day called "pont" meaning bridge, this would be for example if a national holiday falls on a Thursday, some establishments would also include the following day being a Friday to bridge it to the weekend.

New life - April Growth on Vine in Bergerac Wine Region


Below - A Vine for Cognac

Laden with the Ugni blanc grapes - the predominant grape variety for Cognac although it is also used as a base in several dry white wines of Southern France.